Women Cream Long line Sweater – Ribbed Effect / V Neck

Women who want to protect themselves from cold weather yet still want a sweater that isn’t too bulky will love this piece of sweater from dress head. The material is thick enough to provide warmth on cold days and the scarf provides extra protection against lower temperatures. However, the fabric is delicate enough to feel light against a woman’s skin. Other sweaters can be rough or uncomfortable against the owner’s skin, but that is not the case with this one. The fashion qualities of this sweater also make it appealing to many women. The soft beige of the body of the sweater is contrasted starkly by the black and cream scarf that serves as a high collar. This type of collar eliminates the need for any neck jewelry, because the scarf already provides a classy accessory. This women cream long line sweater can be worn with equally pale colors for a stylish and simple look, or it can be worn with brighter contrasting colors for a more daring look.

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