Public Chamber member reports attack in Nakhchivan

Ibrahim Ibrahimli, a member of the Public Chamber’s Coordination Council, reported to Azadliq Newspaper that he was attacked in Nakhchivan on April 6. Ibrahimli is in Nakhchivan to attend the funeral for a nephew, however as he was driving to the cemetery for the burial, a group of civilian-clothed men blocked his way and forced him into their car. According to Ibrahimli, these people are employees of the local police department and the Ministry of National Security. The men put a black sack over Ibrahimli’s head and took him to the bank of

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the Araz river. He was insulted and beaten. The viagra tablets men abandoned Ibrahimli there and he was forced to walk to the Sherur Nakhchivan road to get back to Nakhchivan city. The people who attacked Ibrahimli told him he needs to leave Nakhchivan immediately, however his ticket to return to Baku is for April 7. İbrahim İbrahimlini oğurlayıb vurdular. Azadliq Newspaper. April 6, 2013. İbrahim İbrahimli Naxçıvanda döyüldüyünü deyir. RFE/RL Azerbaijani service. April 6, 2013. В Нахчыване похищен и избит член КС Общественной палаты. April 6, 2013. Member of Coordination Council of Public Chamber Abducted and Beaten in Nakhchivan. April 6, 2013.viagra online uk

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