Popular Front youth activist arrested in Sumgayit City

Popular Front youth activist Dashgin Melikov, 22 years old, was detained by police in the afternoon on March 25 in Sumgayit City [approx. 30 km. from Baku]. Initially, civilian-clothed men approached D. Melikov on a public bus and searched him. During the search they found counterfeit money in his cost of viagra possession. Although this was initially reported as the reason for D. Melikov’s arrest, some sources now report that the activist is facing charges of possession of a narcotic. The drugs were allegedly found in the activist’s possession at the Sumgayit Police Department, but not during the initial search of his person on the bus. If D. Melikov is convicted under Article 234.1 of Azerbaijan’s Criminal Code: Illegal possession of narcotic substances without intent to sell, he could be imprisoned for up to three years of imprisonment. In the alternative, if he is convicted under Article 204: Creation and/or sale of counterfeit money, he faces up to seven years of imprisonment. Some sources report that today, March 26, a court order was issued to hold the activist in pretrial detention for two months, however BBC reports that

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the court hearing was incomplete and will be finalized tomorrow (March 27). D. Melikov was sent to Shuvalan Detention Facility. Speaking to RFE/RL’s Azerbaijani service, D Melikov’s brother Joshgun explained the counterfeit money [RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service report, in Azerbaijani]. He said “That money was given to me at my wedding in 2008. Dashgin has kept that money since then. My brother was active in many protests. They had him under surveillance. How is it that for all these years, he wasn’t arrested. Back then, we gave information about this money to the police. They made a copy of the money. But only now did they remember about it [unofficial translation].” D. Melikov’s father says that his son suffers from asthma and this inhibits him from using illegal drugs. He noted to local media that his son doesn’t even smoke cigarettes. On April 5, Melikov’s detention was upheld. (Contact) Maarif Chingizoghlu. AXCP üzvü Daşqın Məlikov həbs olunub. RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service. March 26, 2013. Azerbaijani Opposition Activist Charged With Drug Possession. RFE/RL. March 26, 2013. В Сумгайыте задержан оппозиционер. Contact.az. March 26, 2013. Vəkil AXCP fəalı haqqında qərarın sabah veriləcəyini deyir. BBC Azeri Service. March 26, 2013. Cəbhəçi gəncə narkotik ittihamı. Azadlig Newspaper. March 26, 2013. Daşqın Məlikova narkotik maddə saxlama ittihamı verilib. Mediaforum. March 26, 2013. Sumqayıtlı cəbhəçi Şüvəlan təcridxanasına göndərilib. Mediaforum. March 26, 2013. Video: Statement of Dashqin Melikov’s father [in Azerbaijani]. Beyim Hasanli. March 26, 2013. Photo: Dashgin Melikov’s father weeping outside Sumgayit Police Department. Beyim Hasanli. March 26, 2013. cialis rx

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