It’s not uncommon these days for grandma and grandpa to be getting plastic surgery to rid their skin of wrinkles, sagging, age spots and other telltale signs of the aging process that we’d rather not endure. It doesn’t surprise me since people have been finding ways to enhance their lives and live longer, healthier lives for the past several decades. As they say, the new 50 is 40, the new 60 is 50 and so on and so forth.

That’s also because our anti aging technology and procedures have gotten better and better as well. We have high tech, very effective anti aging creams, lotions and other topical products at our disposal today which make us look years younger than our age.

We also have home treatments that we could never administer ourselves before today such as acid peels, microdermabrasion and even electric pulse sort of stimulant devices which help tone the underlying facial muscles to give us a more youthful look.

But a lot of people today, men and women included, are choosing to go under the knife to improve their appearance at increasingly older ages. Since they feel so great after taking care of themselves well, they may feel that their appearance doesn’t quite match up to how they feel, and they want to get that youthful look back.

Or maybe it’s a gift to themselves to fix something on their body that has always bothered them. Whatever the case may be, older men and women are definitely getting cosmetic surgery at higher rate over the past decade.

This may be shocking to some who think at the point you’re in your sixties maybe you should just “give up”. I totally disagree. Why should anyone just give up on their appearance and how they feel about themselves at a certain age?!

We’ve come so far in nutrition and knowing how to better our lives and our appearance and how we feel every day, but sometimes age just catches up to us and we might need a little tweaking here and there. I will always advocate going natural for anything that has to do with the face as things that are done to the face never tend to turn out natural looking.

But I would be a hypocrite to not approve of anyone else doing as they see fit with their own bodies, wouldn’t I?!