Halitosis is a condition of bad breath, which has been known for a long time. People through the centuries have used many natural remedies for bad breath. The ancient Greeks rinsed their mouths with white wine, myrrh, and anise seed. Citizens of ancient Rome cleaned their oral cavities with a mixture of juniper seeds, sage, and rosemary leaves. As the time went by, many new ways of treating this condition have been developed.

Many factors cause bad breath. Bad breath is usually the result of some occurrence in the oral cavity. Maybe dental problems would be the answer. Dirty mouth is also an occasion. Irregular and not constantly washing the teeth or a food stuck between them may be responsible for the stink. Plaque formed in the mouth may also be a bad breath factor. The food we eat also reaches the point of bad smell of the breath initiator. The best natural remedies for bad breath are based on the cleaning technique, which includes the mouth, teeth, and tongue. Brushing teeth should be performed at least twice a day: once in the morning and once before going to bed. The tongue should also be cleaned with the brush thoroughly. Dentures should not be worn while sleeping. They should be cleaned well and left on safe place until the next wearing.

Drinking water is one of the first cures for bad breath. The bad breath usually comes from dry mouth, which is a result of stress condition, tiredness, and many other factors. Water mouthwash may be performed any time. Most suitable time for water mouthwash is after every meal in order to remove stuck food particles and to give freshness to the breath. Brushing the teeth on a regular way, but this time with a small part of baking soda added to the brush helps in removing the bad breath. Chamomile tea used as a mouthwash cleans the bad breath by removing the dirtiness collected inside the mouth that caused it. Another of the natural remedies for bad breath is applying lemon drops over the mouth area covered with a plaque. The vitamin C contained in the lemon has antioxidant properties that treat the bacterial infection.

Natural remedies for bad breath: What to consume?

Consumption of some foods and drinks leads us to the natural remedies for bad breath taken orally. Some types of fresh fruits vegetables are good in beating bad breath. Apples, celery, and carrots have the kind of power that treats the plaque inside the mouth. Zinc is a necessary supplement for achieving mouth free from bacteria. Consuming food rich in zinc such as cocoa, pumpkin, and gourd seeds is great occasion for bad breath removal. Drinking stinging nettle tea on a daily bases has also positive results in reducing halitosis. Probiotics should be taken, because the bad breath could have appeared as a side effect of some other health problem. They make an order in the intestinal flora and control the possibilities of creating bad breath.