Domestic travel becoming increasingly difficult for Azerbaijan’s political opposition

Recently in Azerbaijan, the freedom of movement of persons associated with opposition groups has become endangered due to physical attacks, technical excuses, and controversial jail terms. Freedom of movement is a fundamental rights stipulated in the European Convention on Human Rights [Article 2 of Protocol 4]. This situation should be monitored, particularly in light of the upcoming October 2013 elections during which it will be imperative for opposition and independent candidates, as well as their supporters and staff, to move freely throughout the country. Jail sentences for motor vehicle accidents: 1) Prominent lawyer Gurban Mammedov arrested on June 4, 2013 – sentenced to two months of pretrial detention over a car accident last September in which a bystander’s leg was injured. He rendered assistance to the man and paid his medical bills, according to reports circulated by social media. 2) Musavat Youth Activist Nigar Yagublu arrested September 11, 2012 – sentenced to 2.5 years in jail due to an August 25, 2012 car accident killed Musavat Party Assembly member Aydin Ajalov. Yagublu, who does not have a driver’s license, was in the same vehicle as

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Ajalov and according to some sources may have been driving, however some observers characterized Yagublu’s arrest as retribution for political activism. In early March, an agreement was reached that allows for her release for 12 hours every day. She is able canadian pharmacy viagra to spend this time with her family and then returns to the penal colony in the evening. Attacks on opposition motorcades: 1) January 13 – Musavat motorcade, including party leader Isa Gambar, attacked in Lankeran 2) May

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24 – Popular Front motorcade attacked in Lerik 3) June 9 – Popular Front motorcade attacked in Lankeran Technical excuses: 1) May 31 – Musavat motorcade, including party leader Isa Gambar, stopped in Gabala as they travel to memorial service in Zagatala. The vehicle carrying Gambar is impounded by police for technical reasons. *This is probably not all the incidents of this type that have recently occurred, we will attempt to update as people inform us of other similar circumstancesgeneric nolvadex no prescription

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