March 10 Protest

Another protest on the theme of putting an end to the maltreatment and death of military conscripts was held on March 10 in Baku, Azerbaijan.The event was organized on Facebook in reaction to many recent deaths of army conscripts that continued even after a protest on the same theme was held in January.

A number of activists were preemptively arrested – see here for more on NIDA members – before the protest even started. For example, as many as 20 youth activists were detained during an OSCE training on March 9 and then released in the evening, only after the OSCE contacted a representative of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Interior, according to Turan News Agency.

Public transit to the protest was restricted. Activists from Sumgayit tweeted that they could not get to the protest due to public transit restrictions, and roads going to and from Fountain Square we reportedly blocked. Numerous buses were on hand and during the actual protest many protesters, including well-known journalist Khadija Ismayil, were corralled onto these buses and driven to remote locations such as Gobustan, where they were released.

During the protest, police surrounded Fountain Square. Water cannons, rubber bullets, and pepper spray were reportedly used. Protesters sat on the ground and interlocked their arms in an attempt to hold their ground in the of face rubber bullets and pressurized water, but they were eventually either arrested or forced to flee.  Ali Kerimbeyli, the father of a deceased soldier, was detained by police, who dragged him [photo] on the ground. A woman, the mother of a deceased soldier, was also dragged away [photo; video] by police during the protest. It’s reported that some of the rapid reaction police troops may not be from Azerbaijan. Some were heard speaking a language that activists speculate is Kurdish at the protest.

It is estimated that between 500 (RFE/RL) and 3,000 ( people attended the March 10 protest.

Azerbaijan police placed Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) in several areas and were prepared to use them. According to, journalists saw at least four of LRADs on Fountain Square and areas nearby, including in front of ruling party New Azerbaijan Party’s headquarters.

Several protesters sustained injuries. Protester Renat Najafov, who was detained overnight from March 10-11 and fined 600 AZN, will be undergoing surgery on March 13 in connection with facial injuries he sustained. Zaur Akbar was also subjected to rough treatment [see this video, starting around the 30th second]. It’s also been reported that Ruslan Asad injured his arm and Khadija Ismayil has bruising on her face from participation in the protest. Emin Abbasov reported through Twitter that some of the people being released from police stations on March 11 had problems walking due to maltreatment at the hands of law enforcement officers.

In total, at least 72 people were detained, although some people have reported that figure might be as high as 100. On March 10 approximately two dozen protesters who were held overnight until March 11 and taken to court. Many of them were fined between 300 and 600 AZN. Five of them were sentenced to administrative detention for 6-7 days. In addition, NIDA activist Ilkin Rustemzade, who was detained by police prior to the March 10 protest, was sentenced to 6 days of administrative detention by the Khatai Court on March 11. In total, protesters have been fined approximately 10,000 AZN.




Preemptive Arrests 

  1. Shahin Novruzlu (NIDA) – arrested March 7, three months pretrial detention
  2. Bakhtiyar Guliyev (NIDA) – March 7, three months pre-trial detention
  3. Mammed Azizov (NIDA) – March 7, three months pre-trial detention
  4. Ebulfez Gurbanli (PF) – March 9, detained at OSCE training and then released
  5. Nihad Huseyn (PF) – March 9, detained at OSCE training and then released
  6. Jamil Hajiyev (PF) – March 9, detained at OSCE training and then released
  7. Samir Asadli (PF) – March 9, detained at OSCE training and then released
  8. Punhan Imamli (PF) – March 9, detained at OSCE training and then released

Note: As many as 20 ppl detained at OSCE training in Novkhani, suburb of Baku and released in the evening only after OSCE contacted Ministry of Interior, Turan News Agency reports

  1. Mehman Zamaddinov (NIDA) – March 10, prior to protest
  2. Ilkin Rustemzade Azad Gənclik (Free Youth) Organization – March 9, prior to protest, held in 34th police dept., and now the Khatai District Court sentenced him to 6 days administrative detention
  3. Dashqin Melikov – March 9, detained and released


  1. Nijat Amirslanov (Musavat Youth Org.) – March 9, taken to police dept. by people who introduced themselves as police of Seybael 20th Police Dept, whereabouts still unknown as of 7 p.m. EST 3/10
  2. Elshen Aghayev (PF) – to court Monday (?), whereabouts reportedly now unknown
  3. Tofig Dadashov (PF) – whereabouts unknown, 500 AZN fine

Administrative Detention

  1. Babek Hasanov (PF) 6 days detention
  2. Elvin Bayjan (PF) 7 day detention
  3. Mehman Mehmanzade (ADP) 7 days detention
  4. Turkel Alisoy (PF) 7 days detention
  5. Mahammed Mejidli  (PF) 7 days
  6. Ilkin Rustemzade Azad Gənclik (Free Youth) Organization – March 9, prior to protest, held in 34th police dept., then Khatai District Court sentenced him to 6 days administrative detention

Detained and Fined

TOTAL 10,000 AZN

  1. Abulfaz Sadiqbeyli (Musavat) – fined 600 AZN
  2. Agil Aliyev (PF) – fined 600 AZN
  3. Azer Sadikhov (ADP) – fined 500 AZN
  4. Enver Huseynli (PF) – fined 500 AZN
  5. Ilkin Aliyev – fined 500 AZN
  6. Javid Garayev (REAL) – fined 600 AZN
  7. Nihad Huseyn (PF) – fined 500 AZN
  8. Nijat Amirslanov (Musavat) – fined 200 AZN
  9. Osman Akhmedov (ADP) – fined 500 AZN
  10. Ramin Musayev (PF) – fined 400 AZN
  11. Rauf Mammadov (Musavat) – fined 500 AZN
  12. Renat Najafov (PF) – fined 600 AZN
  13. Shamil Beydullayev (Musavat) – fined 500 AZN
  14. Taleh Mammedli (PF) – fined 500 AZN
  15. Tezekhan Mirelemli (PF) – fined 500 AZN
  16. Tofig Dadashov (PF) – whereabouts unknown, 500 AZN fine
  17. Vusal Bayramov (PF) – fined 600 AZN
  18. Zaur Akbar – fined 300 AZN
  19. Zaur Mammedov – fined 600 AZN
  20. Zaur Mammedov – fined 500 AZN


  1. Telah Mammedov – nose injury, was at hospital after being fined and released on Monday
  2. Renat Najafov – facial bruising (link to photo) possible fracture, in hospital, but was kept in detention over night, police called EMS who said he needed to be treated in a hospital, but they still kept him in jail over night before first issuing a fine against him and then releasing him, will have surgery March 13
  3. Enver Huseynli -injuries
  4. Khadija Ismayil – facial bruising
  5. Ruslan Asad – arm injury
  6. Fergana Novruzova – journalist working at protest, was wearing yellow journalist’s vest, facial/eye bruising (photo at protest; photo after protest)

Detained and released 

  1. Abulfaz Gurbanli (PF)
  2. Aghababa Mamedov
  3. Anar Namazov (ADP)
  4. Almas Yenisey – released
  5. Alovset Aliyev (VHP
  6. Araz Slangue – released
  7. Asima Nesirli (VHP)(released)
  8. Ayaz Khalilov (Musavat) – released
  9. Babek Gasimov (NIDA) – released
  10. Bashir Tural
  11. Beyim Hasanli – driven to Gobustan area and released
  12. Eli Kerimbeyli – father of deceased soldier, was dragged on ground by police when he was arrested
  13. Elnur Malikbeyli – released
  14. Elovset Eliyev (released)
  15. Elvin Camalov
  16. Erkin Gadirli (REAL) – released
  17. Hafiz Ferhadov (ADP)
  18. Huseyn Eminli (ADP)
  19. Intiqam Aliyev – released
  20. Ismayil Kerim
  21. Kamran Gasanli – was wearing journalist vest, works for
  22. Kenan Gasimli (NIDA) – released
  23. Khadija Ismayilova – driven to Gobustan and released
  24. Khatai Gurbanli (ADP)
  25. Kheyal Kerimli (FYO)
  26. Mahammed Gurbanov (NIDA) – released
  27. Mirza Ismayilov
  28. Nijat Masimov (NIDA) – released
  29. Nijat Umuyev – released
  30. Nushaba Atakishiyeva (PF) – driven to Gobustan and released
  31. Orkhan Babayev (ADP)
  32. Perviz Suleyman (FYO)
  33. Ramin Huseynov
  34. Rasul Huseynli (NIDA) – released
  35. Rasul Jafarov (REAL) – released
  36. Ruslan Asad – released
  37. Ruslan Izzətli
  38. Ruslan Rajabli (NIDA) -released
  39. Sabir Memmedov
  40. Sabuhi Guliyev (VHP)
  41. Seadet Abdullazade (VHP)(released)
  42. Seadet Huseynova (ADP)
  43. Serkhan Alisoy
  44. Sevinj Mahmudova (VHP) – released
  45. Tural Shakarli (NIDA) – released
  46. Tural Mammedov (ADP)
  47. Turan Aliyev (ADP)
  48. Turkan Aziz (VHP)
  49. Turgut Gambar
  50. Ulker Rzayeva (ADP)
  51. Vasif Meharramli
  52. Zohrab Ismayil (REAL) – released



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Amnesty International, March 11, 2013

U.S. Embassy Statement, March 12, 2013


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