Arrest of Ruslan Asad- NDI employee and Rashad Hasanov, another moment of NIDA movement

March 14, arrest of Ruslan Asad- NDI employee and Rashad Hasanov, another moment of NIDA movement

One of the founding members of OL (To Be) Youth Movement, and current employee of National Democratic Institute (NDI) Baku, Ruslan Asad, was detained today around 5pm local time on the way to the office of NDI. Ruslan was walking with his colleague Sanan Suleymanov when two men approached the two from behind. Sanan was told to stay out of this (according to Sanan’s own words) while Ruslan was taken away and placed into a Toyota brand car. The two men, introduced themselves as the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ruslan, was already detained during March 10 protest held in Baku.

Rashad Hasanov, is one of the members of NIDA movement. According to the most recent updates, he was questioned at the grace crime unit.

In addition to the detention of these two young men, Ilgar Mamedov’s detention was extended to an additional two months.

Ruslan was released shortly after. He said he was interrogated by a prosecutor. he was asked questions about NDI and its relations with NIDA movement (this is all from a chat with Sanan Suleymanov from NDI). Ruslan asked if next time he is called in for interrogation he is not “abducted” from the street and told in advance and invited properly. Prosecutor accepted the suggestion- he might be invited back in for questioning. all of this will probably be in bbc article soon.

“NIDA” youth detained. [az] Radio Azadliq local service. March 14, 2013.



Updated March 14 9pm Baku

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