What’s going on in Azerbaijan?

Since the beginning of January 2013, there has been a large array of events in Azerbaijan’s socio-political life. As presidential elections are scheduled for October 2013, these events are unlikely to decrease.

This is a modest attempt to document and synthesize what is going on. While the summaries are in English, most of the references are in Azerbaijani. We wish that a better system existed. If people are interested in helping translate, we welcome that.

It is sometimes difficult to ascertain what is happening. Much information is spread through Facebook and the sheer quantity of news, in various languages, make it challenging for an outsider to understand the protests, arrests, fines, lawsuits, and other events.

Moreover, it is simplistic to see all of these events as connected. There is no evidence that all of these are. However, together they do demonstrate discontent in Azerbaijan.

This is being posted publicly in an effort to promote information sharing and also to seek corrections for any inaccuracies anyone might identify. This is a LIVING DOCUMENT.

When possible, an attempt has been made to link to primary sources. If one is contributing information that is not attributable to a source, we write [NOT VERIFIED] next to it.

This is not intended to be a news source–rather, a summary service. We welcome any contributions and/or suggestions from anyone.

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