President Aliyev does not need outside advice

In opening remarks during a government meeting on social and economic development on April 14, President Ilham Aliyev insisted Azerbaijan does not need outside advice. He also said that Azerbaijan’s economic indicators are the best in the world. In his closing remarks, he spoke of the successful beginning of ‘The year of Information and Communications

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buy viagra soft Technology’ in Azerbaijan and expressed intent to launch two more satellites into space. Excerpt from opening remarks [unofficial translation]: “But I want to say that our policies are well-intentioned. We have relations with all countries built on the principles of mutual respect

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and non-interference in each other’s business. This is a principle that is accepted internationally, around the world. We, ourselves, know how to manage our country. We don’t need advice from the outside. We are a strong country. There is unity between the people and the government. Our economic indicators are the most beautiful in the world. Our economic development is the fastest in the world. Merely looking at the outcomes of the last 10 years is sufficient. The development that is taking place in Azerbaijan is rarely seen in the world – in the politics, economics, energy and cultural spheres. The transformation of our country into a world center, the rating of international rating agencies, and our election as a member of the UN Security Council are all indicators of this development. Therefore, I want to reiterate, that with regards to our foreign policy, from now on we are interested in developing equitable relations with all countries. With regards to foreign policy, our principle position gives positive results in all areas. We are defending our independence and will defend our independence. For centuries Azerbaijan was part of other empires. For centuries we were deprived of our independence. The processes in Azerbaijan were controlled from remote locations. For 21 years we have lived as an independent country. There can be no greater happiness than this. We are an independent country in the true meaning of those words. We will defend our independence and strengthen it. To do this, we need a strong economy. Reforms in the economic sector and the resolution of social issues strengthen us. It gives an opportunity to express ourselves on a global scale. That’s why we adopted programs resolve economic issues and continuously assess the foundational work.” Excerpt from closing remarks [unofficial translation]: “Concluding my speech, I want to note that ‘The year of Information and Communications Technology’ in Azerbaijan has successfully begun. Azerbaijan is a cosmic country. This is a great, historical achievement. ‘Azerspace-1’ satellite is in orbit. And already control has been handed over to Azerbaijan. We are controlling this satellite from Baku. We have already started talks with our colleagues to launch a second and third satellite. This is also innovation, modernity and development.” Ильхаму Алиеву не нужны советы посторонних. April 17, 2013. Haqqin. Azərbaycan Respublikasının Prezidenti İlham Əliyevin sədrliyi ilə Nazirlər Kabinetinin 2013-cü ilin birinci rübünün sosial-iqtisadi inkişafının yekunlarına və qarşıda duran vəzifələrə həsr olunmuş iclası [Official transcript of meeting, in Azerbaijani]. Azertag. April 14, 2013. generic nolvadex reviews

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