Akram Aylisli Scandal

February 2013- Akram Aylisli Scandal- People’s Writer author Akram Aylisi’s story Stone Dreams (published December 2012) which viagra canadian pharmacy portrayed scenes of violence carried out by Azerbaijanis against Armenians in the early 1990s and is thought to be sympathetic to Armenians, became the target of a smear campaign. His title of People’s Writer was removed. Further, he was expelled from the Writers’ Union, had his presidential pension taken away, his wife and child were fired from their jobs, and multiple protests at his home as well as relojes especiales Replicas de Relojes bred 13s gucci outlet online book burning events have taken place. The Azerbaijani Parliament demanded that Aylisli submit to a DNA test to prove he’s Azerbaijani. Pro-government party New Musavat (not to be confused with the opposition Musavat party)’s leader Hafiz Haciyev said his party would pay 10,000 AZN for someone to cut off Aylisi’s ear.

Text of story (in Russian).

Reports and Commentary:
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Official Statements:
Human Rights Watch statement February 12, 2013.
Pen International statement February 12, 2013.
U.S. State Department statement February 13, 2013.


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